Industrial & Product design

Whether it’s Electronics devices, Home appliance, Medical devices or Packaging – we work with our clients seamlessly. We provide solutions with a blend of Industrial design & Mechanical product design considering form & function of product to make product unique, attractive and user friendly.

Our team having required knowledge of production process, material and latest technology, do consider crucial balance to develop a truly desirable product meeting customer goals on cost & time.

Product development is our core offering. We can support on complete life cycle for new product development, from initial concept sketching to final manufacturing support. We help on idea generation, best suited material selection, detail design, design validation, manufacturing planning, alternate sourcing and on value engineering aspect. .

Design Validation

3D Printing / Prototyping

To validate the design feel, fitment and looks we support our clients on prototype manufacturing. 3D printing of product save lot of investment & rework on the tooling, as it gives the better idea on fitment and also allows concept validation. We support on all type of 3D printing process and also for soft tooling's to our clients.

Virtual Simulation

We do FEA analysis, CAE for the product we design based on the performance requirements.

Virtual simulation help us to make calculated and accurate design decision on virtual platform and leads to shorter development time. This type of validation help client to further reduce alterations in the product once it is given for manufacturing. Also the reports can be proof for the class of test a product has passed, if it is carried out according to regulatory standards. 

Value Engineering

We apply value engineering tool to new development work as well as for the existing products to improve on feature, function, standardization or for cost & weight reduction targets. Value engineering application allows design optimization which enable best possible design with minimum possible cost. With the application of value engineering we can improve he customer satisfaction with a balance of functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics and reliability.

The end result from value engineering make companies to achieve cost reduction, weight reduction, process improvement, product benchmarking and also for product localization. 

Exclusive Services



  1. CAD Conversion
  2. Enclosure Design
  3. Reverse Engineering
  4. Image & Video Rendering
  5. Manufacturing Engineering
  6. Weight & Cost Reduction
  7. Contract Manufacturing
  8. Onsite Deputation